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Conflict is a simple reality of life, like death, and taxes. Although we all know the negative impacts of conflict [disruption, anger and even shame], few of us have experienced the many benefits which come from engaging productively with conflict.

How do YOU think about—and respond to—conflict?
Jeanine Hull wants to change that.

Your Guide to Creating Your Company’s (or Your Personal)
“Rules of Engagement” with Conflict

In her new book, Making Peace with Conflict: Using Neuroscience to Ease Difficult Relationships, Jeanine explains how to create “Rules of Engagement” for conflict. Organizations and individuals can channel the energy and passion that comes with conflict into improving products, services, and morale.

With COVID-19 changing the way we work and live, combining those spaces in unprecedented ways, and happening concurrently with massive political divisions and economic distress, the potential for destructive conflict is increasing.

Her new book, Making Peace with Conflict: Using Neuroscience to Ease Difficult Relationships, is a scientifically comprehensive guide and is the first book that explicitly ties recent revolutionary trauma research to the way we deal with conflict.

Use the energy and the passion—release the irritation!!!

A key takeaway from the book is that addressing the source of conflict doesn’t have to be destructive, and in fact can be quite satisfying and relational. The benefits of engagement more than outweigh the limited period of discomfort.

As a lawyer for 40 years, Jeanine has witnessed her fair share of conflict. She has done personal work to navigate her own labyrinth of trauma and find release from her past. Through that process, she has found new information on how human bodies process threats—like conflict. Now, her mission is to help others navigate their own labyrinths of conflict toward a more centered life. She uses neuroscience as her tool to show how and why this works.

Navigating Workplace Conflicts to Reduce Turnover and Improve Your Bottom Line
Jeanine doesn’t stop at writing the book, Making Peace with Conflict. She spearheads seminars and interactive trainings, while offering public speaking services and personalized coaching to corporations and individuals looking to harness the dynamic and creative power of everyday conflicts.

The key to effective teamwork and collaboration in the office, at home and in the community is a clear understanding of mutually developed Rules of Conflict Engagement. When all contributors understand and trust those rules, they can react to conflict with curiosity and openness rather than defensiveness and focus their energy on achieving their goals.

About The Book

Making Peace with Conflict is the perfect resource for reducing frustration and turnover in the workplace.

Author Jeanine Hull, Esq. is a trusted corporate attorney and mediator with four decades of experience in corporate law and litigation. She’s a realist and understands that simple everyday living and business operations are bound to create some degree of conflict in the workplace.

The book doesn’t promise to “end all conflict once and for all.” Instead, it suggests strategies to improve any workplace environment, making it more conducive to greater productivity, healthy communication, and team cohesion.

Build A Stronger, Tighter Team

Making Peace with Conflict is ready to help your business overcome your greatest workplace conflicts and challenges with experienced mediation strategies, engaging keynote presentations, and effective, personalized training.

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