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Need An Expert in Workplace Conflict Resolution?

Jeanine is an accomplished public speaker who has delivered the keynote addresses at twenty-plus professional and trade association conferences, offered expert testimony before Congress, and spoken at seminars and workshops about conflict engagement.

She is a certified Conflict Transformation mediator, coach, and consultant for people and companies who seek to harness conflict—for their own benefit, for the company’s benefit, and to reduce the amount of discord and violence in the world.

The Holy Grail Of Employee Retention—Profound Engagement

The success of the organization depends on whether— when faced with challenges—everyone contributes to the best of their ability. This means bringing all relevant data, skills, and experiences to surmounting the specific challenge, and having all contributors invested in the success of the organization. Surprisingly, building a culture which embraces conflict will go a long way to ensuring this. Neuroscience explains why.

Skilled Behaviors

  • Engaging with conflict with openness and curiosity
  • Ability to state wants, needs, and feelings
  • Active Listening
  • Self-regulation
  • Full engagement in effort
  • Collaboration
  • Healthy competition

Unskilled Behaviors

  • Backstabbing
  • Undermining others
  • Passive-aggressive behavior
  • Half-hearted efforts
  • Dissension
  • Resentment
  • Unhealthy competition

“Organizations need to learn how to nurture conflict, how to learn from it and make it constructive.” Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa, Director of the Mentora Institute at the Columbia School of Business

Nurturing conflict is not encouraging a ‘Wild West’ environment! It’s just the opposite. By providing your contributors (employees, contractors, members of the Board, valued customers, suppliers, etc.) with a well-thought-out set of rules for dissention, you recognize the inevitability of it while destigmatizing its occurrence. Changing the environment by adopting specific Rules of Conflict Engagement demonstrates your commitment to colleagues, to the workplace, and to continuous improvement. As a result, bigger problems, like medical errors, harassment, or retention issues, can be reduced significantly.

Build A Stronger, Tighter Team

We’re ready to help your business develop an effective teamwork culture and address workplace conflicts and challenges. We provide educational training and instruction through keynote presentations and seminars designed to help your company quickly tailor Rules of Conflict Engagement that will enable each contributor to present their best work to the group and deepen their sense of engagement to their work and the organization.

For organizations, Jeanine explains why avoiding conflict in the workplace is the worst thing you can do and how to:

  • Channel the energy and passion of conflict to improve products, services, and work environments
  • Engage productively in difficult workplace conversations with your boss, team, or clients
  • Find the source of the conflict, and then recognize if you’re contributing to workplace conflict
  • Stop adding fuel to the fire and cool the flames
  • Manage conflict within your team

For individuals, Jeanine shows how to:

  • Use conflict to strengthen personal relationships, including those which are spousal, familial, and community based
  • Recognize the underlying sources of conflict at home and how to navigate through them
  • Deal with conflicts created by political differences and quarantine behaviors
  • Help parents and children learn what their conflicts involve, and how to grow from them
  • Manage conflict with relatives regarding the elderly and end-of-life care

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Jeanine shares her expertise by speaking at corporate events, workshops, seminars, keynotes, and more —in person or virtually. Contact Jeanine today to find out how she can help your organization or you individually exceed your own expectations.

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