Making Peace with Conflict is already garnering praise:

“Jeanine writes about how she became aware of her childhood trauma, which manifested itself in a lifetime of conflict, as she learned to rewire her brain to find peace and her place in the world. Readers who follow her journey will learn about the brain, neuroscience, connection, and all that other stuff, but most importantly, they will see that it is possible to take the trauma out of their own conflicts.”

-Mark Williams, author of The 10 Lenses: Your Guide to Living and Working in a Multicultural World

“This book is about how our body and brain work. It is not self-help, it’s more of a revelation

-Bill Marks, PhD

“The neuroscience information that I learned, led me to know that with practice and healing, I could change my actions. Thereby, changing family relationships – really having better relationships in all aspects of my life.”

-Mary Beth Dye

“Jeanine anchors her discussion of conflict in our fundamental need for safety. This was an epiphany for me and enabled me to realize why, when in conflict, I don’t feel safe and the other person doesn’t either.”

-Andrea Dravo

“I am grateful to Jeanine for introducing me to the neuroscience of the human threat response. . . . I learned what happens in the minds of children who have to grow up in dangerous environments, without sources of safety or support, why we are prone to anger and conflicts and most importantly, how to engage with conflict rather than suppress it. It has helped me tremendously.”

-Helen C.

“Jeanine’s book aims to change the way we think about conflict from win/lose to curiosity. When we are curious, it reduces the trauma of conflict and definitely helps build connections.”

-Stuart Brown

“Jeanine’s book is packed full of interesting information on how the threat response works in our bodies and how to use that information to reduce the trauma of conflict and deepen our relationship to ourselves and others. I found it absorbing and compelling reading, all the way through!”

-Michael Snoddy

“Learning how and why the threat response changes the physical body has convinced me that avoiding conflict is not the solution.”

-Charlotte Kroll